Thursday, August 27, 2009

chocolate cupcakes

Like Regina we have lots of summer birthday. I also bake what my kids want, within reason. But I'm not the best baker, my cupcakes are always dry. I tried a new recipe this year for Molly's puppy cupcakes and was pleased with the results.

Chocolate-Peanut Butter!

Somehow, years ago, our family started a tradition that whatever a child wanted for their birthday cake, I would try to make. I'm really not sure how this started. I think my oldest wanted something one year and I did it, so she decided this was our family's birthday tradition. Every summer (1 June, 1 July, 2 August babies) I kick myself for allowing this, but then seeing how much my kids enjoy, I really am happy that we do this, mostly. My son, Brendan, the last birthday of the summer in our family turned 7 last week. For his birthday, he wanted to be surprised. You would think this would be easier, but really what it means is that his sisters choose what they think he'll like, and that is not always easier.

My son, also loves Chocolate and could, I believe, actually live on peanut butter alone. (The rest of us all love the C-PB combo, with it being my particular fave!), so when the girls decided that the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter was going to be the cake, I decided Choc-PB was the perfect combo for it. It was delish! I used a box of Better Crocker Chocolate cake mix, but made the peanut butter filling and chocolate ganache recipes from this Food & Wine recipe. I did the filling in between our layers and around the outside before pouring the ganache on top. It was to-die-for! Now, I have to try these cupcakes, too -- I think they would be the perfect combination of chocolate cake, peanut butter filling and ganache. YUM!