Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cranberry-orange relish

I thought there was a cranberry-orange relish recipe we used to make from Mrs. Jenkins' and Mrs. Shaul's Yummy in the Tummy book. I just looked and couldn't find it. Does anyone else remember this, and perhaps have a copy?

Thanks! And Happy Thanksgiving! 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dumpling Help!

My family loves Chicken and Dumplings, I love my "soup part" of it.  I have not been able to find dumplings I love.  Manny 3 and I really liked Dad's Oatmeal dumplings, but mine don't come out the same.  I have tried all kinds of variations not satisfied yet:)  Tonight I am be "unorthodox" and adding Stacy's Gandma Tillie's Matza balls to our Chicken and Dumplings!!  Please share a recipe that you like!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Cocktail party

Last night I had a Fall cocktail party with some other Moms. It was great fun. Here is the menu and recipes. Many are old favorites but a few were new. For drinks we had Pumpkin Martinis I use homemade pumpkin syrup instead of canned pumpkin, Key lime Martins, not fall but I really loved them and had all the fixings,  and Apple Cider Margarita. The Margarita were very good the orange and cinnamon stick was a fun touch and added flavor.

For food I tried the Beet Pickled Deviled Eggs I used Jared pickled beets because I had some. I also just made the mix part my old stand by deviled egg mix but it was good. When I took them out of the beet mix I was worried because they were a very bright pink/ purple color. Once I cut/filled and plated them you saw the white and yellow as well and they were pretty as well as tasty. We had cucumber cups, warm artichoke dip, brie with apple/pear chutney and a veggie tray.

For desert we had apple strudel and  mini pumpkin cheesecakes. And a wonderful Belgium waffles with sugar, my friend Jeri made. 

A Yummy and fun night. 

Part Two
Last night we had another gathering. The girls watched movies and the Mom's visited, snack and had a few drinks.

Drinks Pumpkin and Key lime Martinis again. I had planned on cranberry citrus martini but ran out of prep time - Thanksgiving maybe.

Salmon dip - not a huge favorite.
Cilantro lime pesto for dipping antipasta on a stick
Black bean Hummus - a big hit


Friday, June 7, 2013

need to try this

We have been eating more beets. Even growing some in the garden, not ready yet but.  I saw this and had to save it.  It looks great and so different.  I think the girls will love it.  

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Quick Black Bean Burger to the Rescue

I love food, trying out new recipes and cooking. But sometimes, the idea of planning, shopping and cooking for the family can be overwhelming. Especially when this grand plan needs to include who is eating when, and where (like the car, between evening activities). Most nights, someone is on the go. We try to sit down and eat together as often as possible, but it just is not always possible.
This week I was feeling uninspired about what to make so I did what so many do, and I took my problem to facebook. I got so many great answers, and most importantly, I got inspiration and encouragement. "OH yeah, that is one of my family's favorites also...." But I also got a new recipe. And I am so excited about it! We love Mexican meals, and we love meals that offer toppings, which means everyone can make it the way they like it. We also happen to love black beans, and eat them in so many ways, but I had never made black beans before. When a facebook friend shared her quick black bean burger recipe from, I knew we had to try it. Well, we had them last night, and I can tell you, they were a HUGE success! Everyone loved them and they were super easy! Win-win! I adapted the recipe slightly. Here is what I did. I doubled it and that was perfect for our family. Next time I may triple to have some leftovers, because I think this would be a great next day lunch or to freeze a few to have when needed.

1 c. bread crumbs
3 Tbsp olive oil, divided
2 tsp chopped garlic
1 (15.25 oz) can black beans, rinsed and drained
1 tsp grated lime rind
1 Tbsp chopped cilantro
3/4 tsp chili powder
3/4 tsp cumin
1/2 tsp oregano
1/4 tsp salt
1 large egg, lightly beaten
1 large egg white, lightly beaten
Combine 1 Tbsp oil, garlic and beans in processor. Pulse until beans make a thick paste. Stir in remaining ingredients. With moistened hands, divide mixture into 4 equal portions. Heat remaining oil in a large skillet or grill pan over med-high heat. Add patties to pan; reduce heat to medium and cook for 4 minutes or until bottom edges are browned. Carefully turn patties over and cook additional 3 minutes. 
I placed some monterey jack cheese on top and broiled before serving.
We served on buns with the following toppings: spicy mayo (mayo, Sirachi sauce, sweet chili sauce), avocado slices, tomato slices, black bean corn salsa. Also with green salad and a roasted corn salad. It was a quick, easy and complain-less meal! Will make again.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Ahhh! Must Feed the Family! Help!

I was feeling stumped and uninspired today on what to feed the family for dinner tonight, and really, all week. Of course, I did what many of us do when we have a problem - I turned to FACEBOOK. Here are some of the great ideas I got. I want to save this for the next time I need a little inspiration. So nice to have friends out there in cyberspace.:)

Ugh... some weeks the menu planning seems a bit more than I want to tackle. What are your favorite busy weeknight meals?
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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Summer Cocktail and Dessert in One?

Hey Eileen, Look at this!

It could be a summer cocktail and dessert in one REALLY easy recipe.
I am totally making this this summer -- Lime Sorbet Margaritas

Thursday, April 18, 2013

TGIF cocktail party

I hosted a TGIF cocktail party with my friend Chris. It was part of our school's silent auction. We do Great gatherings.  We had 8 Mom's counting us (and my Mom).  We made seasonal cocktails with homemade liquors and appetizers.  Fall: Pumpkin Martini's (we used 2 parts homemade pumpkin syrup, 1part Vanilla Vodka and 1part amaretto), cocktail meatballs and cheese and crackers.  Winter: a variation of Cranberry fizz (1part cranberry liquor, a splash of ginger ale and lemon aid), cranberry pinwheel and . Spring: Key lime Martini, Chris made veggies and Savory Spinach dip  and Mini Reuben.  Summer: We did Sorbet margarita's with pineapple infused Vodka, I used the pineapple core (less to strain after but infused only one week would try longer next time).  The lemon pasta, Chris made was great served with fruit and dip. Deserts: Irish cream, chocolate Death( I need to find the on-line recipe) and yummy tea cakes.  
As sipping we did some jolly rancher vodka , only made grape might make other flavors next year - watermelon anyone?