Thursday, April 18, 2013

TGIF cocktail party

I hosted a TGIF cocktail party with my friend Chris. It was part of our school's silent auction. We do Great gatherings.  We had 8 Mom's counting us (and my Mom).  We made seasonal cocktails with homemade liquors and appetizers.  Fall: Pumpkin Martini's (we used 2 parts homemade pumpkin syrup, 1part Vanilla Vodka and 1part amaretto), cocktail meatballs and cheese and crackers.  Winter: a variation of Cranberry fizz (1part cranberry liquor, a splash of ginger ale and lemon aid), cranberry pinwheel and . Spring: Key lime Martini, Chris made veggies and Savory Spinach dip  and Mini Reuben.  Summer: We did Sorbet margarita's with pineapple infused Vodka, I used the pineapple core (less to strain after but infused only one week would try longer next time).  The lemon pasta, Chris made was great served with fruit and dip. Deserts: Irish cream, chocolate Death( I need to find the on-line recipe) and yummy tea cakes.  
As sipping we did some jolly rancher vodka , only made grape might make other flavors next year - watermelon anyone?