Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Mom's Chocolate Decadence Party

My Daughter's School does a silent auction each year where the big deal is what we call Great Gatherings. So I hosted a Mom's Chocolate Decadence Party, Thanks Bridget for the name. It was a 4 course chocolate meal. It was a lot of fun to search for recipes, try them out and come up with the finial menu. Of course I was luckily enough to have Katie and Regina to consult. Katie also created the Beef Tenderloin En Croute with chocolate- port sauce, she used her beef en croute recipe and the chocolate - port sauce from, the cheese and chocolate plate ideas came from canada but I used local cheeses. I had originally planned dipped bacon, but found snap guide with the chocolate bacon roses, they looked great but were hard to get the middle of the bacon cooked all the way.  The only recipe I really created was the Balsamic Chocolate Brussels Sprouts.A week before the party Molly asked for Aunt Katie's Balsamic Brussels Sprouts, while make them I thought of the party and decided to melt white chocolate with the butter and coat them.


Salad/pasta course

Main dish

Beef Tenderloin En Croute with chocolate- port sauce (see above) 
Balsamic Chocolate Brussel Sprouts (see above) 




Chocolate Fudge
Chocolate for dipping served w/fruit

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  1. It looks and sounds wonderful and decadent, Eileen! Love it. So glad it went well and hope you had lots of fun. What recipes would you try again? What would you not? What surprised you the most?